Hello, my name is Sarah Wernert. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My passion for fitness started at an early age. I was slightly overweight as a child. In middle school I discovered athletics. I was hooked and my life was forever changed for the better. I went on to play volleyball, basketball, track, and softball in high school. You could even say that I was quite the "tom boy".

I attended California University where I played division II volleyball. After graduating in 2003 with a degree in Education, my volleyball career ended, but the desire to compete was still there. I worked at a local gym where the owner encouraged me to start competing in figure events. A few of my photos surfaced in some publications. Many others encouraged me to pursue fitness modeling. I have been doing both ever since.

I am a very upbeat, outgoing, and energetic individual. I enjoy doing anything active: lifting, running, playing basketball, volleyball, spinning, yoga, etc. Watching movies, and a good nap (maybe even both at the same time) are also some of my favorite activities.

I enjoy training and setting new goals. This industry allows me to do just that. I continually strive to improve myself both physically and mentally. Proper nutrition, rest and supplementation are all key factors in achieving the ideal you.