My clients are the best!

Krista Lorenzo

I cannot thank Sarah enough for the way she has transformed my body…and my mind! I have struggled with weight and food issues since college. I have lost and regained the weight many times. Working with Sarah has helped me learn how to do this for life, not just a specific weight, competition, vacation…but to truly live this lifestyle day in and day out.

Sarah pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to try new things and really believe that I could do anything. She never let me get complacent with where I was and always challenged me to continue to improve and grow into an better athlete.

I was drawn to Sarah because of her positive attitude and her love for fitness and helping women. She is all about networking and helping each other. She exposed me to all kinds of activities…yoga, Zumba, strength training, running, full body cardio, and more! Even when I was dying and felt I couldn't give one more rep, she got the rep out of me, and the feeling of accomplishment was amazing!

She makes it fun yet held be completely accountable, which I needed!!!! I would hate her one minute…and love her the next!! Ha ha ha!! I knew she always had my best interest at heart and it really forced me to stop making excuses and give my best!!

I felt amazing and so proud when I walked on the stage! I am continuing my training with Sarah and will continue to improve!!!

I can't thank Sarah enough for her amazing friendship, coaching, and for truly being a good example! She lives this lifestyle day in and day out.

Working with Sarah I have had the opportunity to met so many amazing women through her coaching and FIT Camps.

Sarah has changed me from the inside out, which has changed my body, my spirit, my attitude, my marriage, my parenting, my friendships, EVERYTHING! It has trickled into every aspect of my life!!

THANK YOU SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitie Bachman

I met Sarah in November 2013 when I attended my first F.I.T. Camp. I have always lived an active lifestyle, going to the gym 6 days a week; however, I was always a cardio girl and never was knowledgeable when it came to weight training or diet. Building muscle has always been a goal of mine but I knew I would never accomplish it unless I competed, knowing I would be half naked on a stage in front of a crowd.

After attending my first F.I.T Camp, I knew that if I ever decided to compete, Sarah would definitely be my trainer. She was very enthusiastic and friendly at her F.I.T. Camp and completely drew me in. Her online training program was very ideal for me as well. With working downtown Pittsburgh but living in Greensburg, I knew I would need to work out according to my own, crazy schedule. Meeting with someone every day to train just wasn't realistic for me.

Throughout my training, Sarah was absolutely wonderful. Prior to starting my first week, she had me log my food and workouts for an entire week, then personalized my diet specifically for me. Any time I had a question, all I had to do was email, text, or call Sarah and she was available to help me. She also helped with the competition related questions such as posing, suits, shoes, etc.

I am so happy that I completed the 12 week program and competed in my first show. This has been the best I've ever looked in my entire life and I am happy to have learned so much through Sarah and my training experience. I am very thankful I attended my first F.I.T. Camp and met Sarah, and would highly recommend her online training to all! =)

Sylvia Smith

Describe your experience using Sarah's online / competition coaching services.

My experience with Sarah's online program was FANTASTIC. She was so amazing and inspiring during my journey. I love working with her during my 1st contest prep. I met Sarah at her fitcamp in May 2014 and I expressed an interest in competing. I was a little nervous because I had been struggling to lose some belly fat. Sarah was very encouraging and suggested that I give it a try. Well, I did and I am so grateful and thankful for all of the support and guidance that Sarah provided. Not only did she provide me with a easy to follow meal plan and fitness workout, she help me with my posing and preparation. Even when I was worried about something, she was always there whenever I needed an encouraging word or support. She checked in often and was able available via text and email. With the help of Sarah and her fitness/nutrition plan, I was able to place 1st in True Novice Figure and 3rd in Figure over 35 Class A. I never expected to place but I DID... So excited.

When did you start working out…and why?

I started working out in Fall 2012 to prepare for my first 1/2 marathon in Spring 2012. All I did was run. I never cross trained or even attempted to lift any weights. During the 1/2 marathon, I injured my knee and hip. I ended up gaining all of my weight back and more. I finally started a strength training program in 2013. I found out that I enjoyed lifting heavy weights more than I like to run. So it became my passion. Once I met Sarah, I knew my next challenge was to compete.

What strategies have you used to overcome any challenges?

  • Positive Self Talk
  • Vision boards
  • Family/Friend support

What do you hope to improve on in the future?

  1. Continue to progress with my healthy eating
  2. Build more muscle (especially in lower body)
  3. Compete in another show
  4. Train again with Sarah.

Do you have a facebook page or website? Would you ever like to have your own website to motivate others?

FB: https://www.facebook.com/fabandfitfitness
Webpage: http://fabandfitfitness.wordpress.com/

My other clients love reading about my clients so trust me someone wants to hear your information. For someone who wants to contact you where can they contact you?

Sure, they can contact me at slimgoody0505@gmail.com

Courtney Moats

I met Sarah when she volunteered her time to come to my school and help myself and other classmates prepare for our first bodybuilding competition. Shortly after I attended what was my first of soon to be many, F.I.T. Camps. At first I was hesitant to attend because I have never really considered myself a "group fitness" person, but it took all of about 5 minutes that day to realize that I had made the right decision. We started our camp introducing ourselves and giving a brief background of why we decided to commit to being in shape and healthy. This was such a unique part of F.I.T. Camps because I quickly realized how much I had in common with the women in that room. The F.I.T. Camp itself was great, Sarah does a great job of making you have fun and forget that you're actually getting a great workout in! Something I quickly noticed was how Sarah's F.I.T. Camp was adaptable for anyone of any fitness level, which I thought was great. So often many of us get stuck in the same routines at the gym, not only does this become somewhat boring, but after a while our bodies adjust and we stop seeing results. Sarah's F.I.T. Camp is a great way to mix it up, meet new people and truly is enjoyable and beneficial for anyone of any fitness level. It has been several months since my first camp, and I still talk to Sarah on a weekly basis. Sarah is constantly asking how I am doing, providing amazing advice and she continues to be a true inspiration for me. When you attend one of Sarah's F.I.T. Camps, you truly cannot overestimate the benefits it will have on your life, I am so happy to have found Sarah and this F.I.T. Camp!

Thank you,
Courtney A. Moats
President- Public Relations Student Society of America


Stephanie Perry

Age: 28
Ht: 5'8"
Starting Wt: 140lbs
Competition wt: 131lbs

The year 2013 was a year of mixed emotions. In the beginning of the year I lost someone very close to me. My young teenage niece suddenly passed away and I was heartbroken and devastated. I had always been in pretty good shape, ate what I thought was "pretty good for me" and attended the gym regularly. When this happened I didn't know what to do. My mind was constantly thinking about it, I was sad, depressed, upset and angry. I attended hot yoga frequently, as a stress reliever and that's when I met Sarah. I actually met Sarah right around this same time. She had mentioned to me if I had ever thought about figure competitions. At that point it cross my mind a few times, but wasn't really set on the idea yet. She had also mentioned her F.I.T Camps and told me to just come try it out. The months that had gone by after that were very hard for me as I was still very depressed about what had happened, finally I attended one of Sarah's FIT Camps. After attending her FIT Camp and talking to other clients of Sarah's I knew that yes, I wanted to compete. I reached out to Sarah about her plans and signed up! Let me tell you this was one of the best things I could have done this year, it took my mind off sad things and left me with determination and motivation to reach a goal that I set for myself. To be competition ready by October 12th.

I did always think that I ate pretty good, then Sarah asked me to keep a 3 day log of what I was eating. It turns out I was eating over 2600 calories a day. I never planned my meals, I would just eat what I thought was a good protein source and never really "counted" anything. Once I saw how many calories I was eating a day I knew there was no way I could compete on my own! Competitors have such strict diet plans and have to stick to certain foods to manipulate their bodies the way they wanted. Another issue I had was cardio, I would just do cardio whenever I wanted. Sarah helped me set a schedule on when I would do cardio and what time of day to do cardio to burn fat, instead of muscle. Sarah set me up with a work out plan and a meal plan for the next 10 weeks until my competition on October 12th.

Sarah was very knowledgeable when it came time to help me with my diet plan. She took into consideration that I had been eating so much food she didn't take my calories down too much right away, it was a process. I was so thankful for that, I didn't want to be starving for the next 10 weeks! She told me where to keep my calories, how much protein, carbs, and fat I should maintain over the weeks. She wrote up a diet plan of three days worth that I could rotate between. As the competition drew near things changed, work outs were heavier, cardio was more intense, and the food changed.

You can see the difference in your body week by week and eventually day by day, pictures were so important. Sarah would check in weekly, every Sunday, to see how everything was going. Although, I would receive texts often from Sarah throughout the week to see if I had any questions that she could help with.

A very important piece of this competition process was posing. Posing practice, in my opinion, is by far the hardest to nail. Sarah spent hours of her time helping me to perfect posing, she also set up meetings with Gary Udit to help with my posing techniques! This was the most beneficial part of the 10 week competition process for me.

When it came down to the final weeks before the competition I met with Sarah at her house and we went over what I needed to eliminate from my diet, how I needed to up my cardio, and that I needed to stay with heavy weight up until the show. She knew exactly what carbs to eliminate and how I should do cardio to lean out certain areas in my body, it was amazing the changes you see within those last few weeks!

When October 12th came I was in the best shape I had every been in, in my life. I hadn't weighed 131lbs since I was younger and I looked great! I couldn't wait to just get on stage and show everyone what I had accomplished over the months.

Meeting Sarah was one of the best things that could have happened to me. She changed my life, she taught me so much about competition dieting, work-outs, cardio, and posing. For the time I spent with Sarah my mind was so consumed with the competition and reaching my goal that I wasn't so sad everyday. I was motivated, I was determined and I was excited about the changes that I seen in my body. Through Sarah I met so many amazing people too. People that have worked with Sarah for years and know how great of a person she is. I've kept in touch with these people via Facebook and Instagram and am truly honored to be apart of the "Wernert Watchers"

I know in my future I would to remain healthy and stay in shape. I continue to track my macros but my diet isn't as strict as it was when I was competiting. Sarah opened my eyes up to a new way of being healthy and in control of my own body, as well as keeping my mind busy and happy, and I am very thankful for everything she has done for me.

I would suggest to anyone who wants to see a difference in their body and positive change in their fitness routine to use Sarah's services.

Stephanie V Perry
AML Surveillance

Sarah Mohsin

Training with Sarah has been a journey I will cherish forever. She is an extremely talented coach and athlete who consistently strives towards helping people reach their true potential. When I first contacted Sarah about my personal training and nutritional needs she was patient and caring in her approach. Little did I know that her gentle approach would nudge me to compete in my first ever figure competition. Sarah had me stage ready in 90 days which is quite an accomplishment for any trainer who had to work with getting my stats down from 29% body fat to 11% and drop 23 pounds in weight and gain 5 pounds of muscle. She not only helped transform my figure with nutrition and workout plans, but also worked with me on the finishing touches with hair, makeup and stage presence. Even when things were tough she was always there to encourage me which means the world to me till this day. As a business owner and a radio personality I have much to be thankful to have met Sarah who is now one of my dearest friends. She has helped many of my friends and listeners of The Mohsin Program with her Wernert Watchers nutritional plan.

Sarah continues to amaze and inspire not only myself, but countless people across the world. She is the real deal and is a genuine woman who is full of knowledge in the health & wellness world. Her well-balanced approach as an athlete and great human being reflects how she is fulfilling her true purpose by taking a leadership role in changing lives through her healthy lifestyle approach. Sarah has imparted a piece of herself into my heart and I am forever grateful to her for being a phenomenal coach and friend. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her and for sharing her knowledge with our listeners on The Mohsin Program (www.wezeradio.com and www.wrol.com daily 11 am).

Sara Mohsin
Mohsin Mortgage Corporation

Regina Conley

I started with Sarah for 2 reasons; to get in better shape for my wedding and my doctor recommended weight bearing exercise because petite women are prone to osteoporosis. I am definitely stronger and have gone up in the weights I now use. My doctor is also very pleased with the weight training.

Lisa Douglas

You have been so instrumental in my success "thank you" just isn't enough. You challenged me to push myself and knew my individual limits, resulting in safe and effective workouts. Over the months together, not only did I shed the unwanted pounds and reshape my body but I also gained confidence in myself, as an athlete as well as a woman.

Thank you for supporting me when I didn't always make good choices. You consistently modeled discipline and self control with everything from working out to eating properly. As a result, I have gone from a size 16/18 to a svelte size 6! I didn't believe success was possible and I certainly didn't believe I could feel this good everyday.

Sarah, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tools to change my life.

Lisa Douglas

Amber Loree

Sarah was truly my health angel in my life. I reached out to her because I had a horrible self-image (even though I was only 115lbs) and horrible eating habits. I was the girl that only ate once a day and killed herself doing 2 hours of cardio plus an hour of weight training every day and was never satisfied with her image. My family and friends were really concerned for me and were ready to send me to therapy. I knew that I didn't need therapy, but I needed something.

I saw Sarah on facebook and looked up her website. I was extremely impressed with her background and thought if I just had guidance, that I would be able to get my life on track. I reached out to her in November 2011, and she immediately replied with open arms and was ready to help me. She asked me if I ever thought about competing and I was truly humbled she would ask me that. Just by her saying I was a beautiful girl who had the potential to do this, meant so much to me.

After a lot of contemplating, I thought that this would be perfect for me. It gave me a goal, which would not only get me healthy eating habits, but it would make me gain more self confidence. What more confidence do you need to go on stage and literally be judged! I knew if I could do this, it would change my life.

I informed Sarah I was ready for this. However, after seeing her diet (which was double the calories I was used to eating) and her workout plan, I started to panic. I was so scared to gain weight. But, I knew I had to put full trust in her. And, with saying that, I did, and she made me look amazing and I competed and got 4th place at the NPC Natural Eastern Championship in Pittsburgh, PA in the bikini division.

My biggest struggle was putting full trust in someone, but it was the BEST thing I could have ever done in my life and I owe this all to SARAH!

Katie Berchick

Katie went on to place 4th at the 2011 Arnold Classic in the Bikini division.

Katie on Facebook

Pat Zacour

My experience with Sarah Wernert was extremely fulfilling & rewarding. As a business owner with a very hectic schedule, I was a little concerned as to whether I would be able to stick to the program she designed for me. Contrary to what I thought, her ability to design a meal plan that was conducive to my lifestyle by using the food I liked made me extremely happy. I followed all the advice she gave, and was able to lose 8 lbs. in three weeks (just in time for my 45th class reunion). Thank you Sarah for helping me achieve my goal.

Angela Santoni

Wow!! Sarah's food plan is great! The balance of each meal left me feeling satisfied, never hungry. I've stuck with the plan and have to say that my new food lifestyle makes me feel really good! I personally don't like the after feeling from eating something not on her "approved" list.

Rebecca Maier

My journey with Sarah started a few years ago when I contacted her to help me get in shape for my wedding. I knew I wanted to look my best and I knew she was the perfect person to help me.

Every single workout with Sarah was a challenge. She never let me give up and she pushed me to do things I never thought were possible. She is extremely knowledgeable in both nutrition and fitness as she lives and breathes them in her everyday life. She's never too busy to answer questions or give advice. She also really, truly cares about her clients. She works with you to meet whatever fitness goals you might have and she tailors each workout to fit your needs.

She's truly an amazing trainer, fitness competitor, and friend, which is why I'm still training with her today!

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